2016 - 17 Series

Practical Mysticism

It's hard to be a saint. Few can meet the kind of self-imposed challenges some undertake to demonstrate their devotion, like refusing to eat or living with no possessions. Since fall 2016, Fred's been interested in how to find saintliness as a different kind of seeker, one who follows "the way of negation" as described by theologians and mystics. This is "practical mysticism." It doesn't require taking up a challenge or giving something up, but it does require letting go - of familiar but perhaps tired habits, of things that are comfortable but not necessarily helpful, of anything that is not true to the core self.  

"Practical mysticism" is now the focus of Fred's latest work. In this ongoing series, begun in August 2016, Fred has pared his painting down to its core elements - color, line, and composition. He's returned to oil, a medium he loves, as well as to larger canvases (four by six feet, typically). He's infusing his painting with the same energy that characterizes his drawing - bold, quick strokes and effortless lines. The result is a tranquil, minimalist sensibility, with a fresh artistic vocabulary that speaks in a quiet yet resonant voice. 

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