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I'm Jami Moss Wise, a farm-grown Southerner and self-taught artist. My inspiration comes from growing up in the country, surrounded by my grandmother's flowers. Moss Rose is named after my grandparents, Buel Moss and Blanche Rose, who owned the farm in Tennessee where I grew up. We raised cattle and chickens and grew most of the vegetables we ate. Cats and dogs roamed everywhere. We drank raw milk before it was trendy and didn't know that eating "locally" (from our garden) was good for us.

"Moss rose" is also another name for portulaca, a flower that grows particularly well in our Tennessee climate, and it's also one of the first flowers I was able to cultivate with any success. I'm not really much of a gardener, but I always have a few flowers in bloom around my house and some tomatoes or herbs in my backyard.

I've been watercoloring for about ten years now, trying different paints, papers, colors, and ideas. Most of that time I worked for other people. Now, I've decided to work for myself, doing something I enjoy, and I hope you'll enjoy my work too!

Every print is made with the best materials I can find at the most affordable price I can offer. Every print is created with giclee ink on acid-free paper, so your artwork will have the look and feel of an original at an attractive price.

Click the link above to browse and purchase a watercolor for yourself or someone you love. Please allow 7 -10 days for your order to ship. 

Custom options are also available. To place a custom order, please give me a call at 404-314-2319. 

Thank you, and I'm glad to have you visit!

Jami Moss Wise